Tratturo del Re itinerary 1/1. Chieti – San Vincenzo

2024-03-13T18:06:23+01:00June 10, 2018|Blog|

At dawn on a weekend day, the historical center of Chieti is reminiscent of a large deserted theater, with the spectacular stage of Corso Marrucino providing the backdrop. This is where we start, leaving the city and going down the hills towards the southwest on the stairways and paths [...]

The Tratturo del Re in Chietino

2024-03-13T18:06:23+01:00June 4, 2018|Blog|

We would like to tell you the story of an original, unique journey, one that only a certain kind of Italy, so-called “minor” Italy, is capable of giving. The Tratturo del Re, or Tratturo Magno, is the longest shepherd’s path in all of Italy. It unwinds from L’Aquila to [...]

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