Along our old-time highways

There was a time in Abruzzo when sheep trails (tratturi) were the most important travel routes for the local economy. They were wide grassland courses, trampled on by livestock herds during their year-round pasturing and migration, thus creating the ancient drover roads.
Those herds treaded upon fields, crossed villages and grazed near vineyards – indeed, this proximity between sheep (pecore in Italian) and grapes gave name to one of the most traditional local varieties of Abruzzo: Pecorino.

In the medal harvest of the Cantine Spinelli at the AWC Vienna 2018, the prestigious silver won by our Tratturo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 2017 stands out.


We wanted to dedicate a line of wines to these ancient paths, known for their typical character, emphasizing the bond with the land and traditional winemaking in Abruzzo.


Walk with us along the paths, through the vineyards, villages and country churches, following a trail that still tells the story of an ancestral world for those who know how to listen.

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